Vintage Occasions Wedding Cars

The Cars

All of our cars have been personally restored by ourselves over the years to exceptional standards. The Rolls Royce cars are all 1930's pre-war models. The 1960's Ford Zephyr and Hot Rodded Chevy Truck are great fun and ideal if you are looking for something different!

1933 Rolls Royce Landaulette

There is no doubt that the Landaulette is a magnificent example of Rolls Royce at its best. With all the grace and splendour of a typical Rolls Royce, the Landaulette is a much sought after wedding carriage. It combines both comfort and sophistication with the unique experience of being both a saloon and a convertible. This gives you the option of having the hood up or down, or both! (Arrive with the hood up keeping your hair and dress pristine, then leave with the hood down covered in confetti and smiles!) For memorable wedding photographs, the Rolls Royce Landaulette will help to enhance your wedding with a touch of romance, to make your day truly special.

1934 Rolls Royce Landaulette

The 1933 and 1934 cars are identical, making them perfect for having 2 matching cars at the same event. The luggage racks on the roof add authenticity, like you've packed and travelled on the journey together.

1936 Phantom III Rolls Royce Sedanca De Ville

The Rolls Royce Phantom is extremely spacious and the height of luxury. When it was launched in 1926 it was one of the most expensive motor cars in the World, and it clearly shows with it's unique styling, comfortable ride and head-turning looks. It's the car that gets the most "wow" comments and it's easy to see why. Arrive with style and sophistication on your wedding day.

1937 Rolls Royce Landaulette

The 1937 Rolls Royce Landaulette has the matching colour scheme to the Phantom with green arches and skirts. Many bride's choose to arrive at their wedding in the Phantom with their father, and leave in the 1937 Landaulette with their husband, roof down and covered in confetti!

1961 Ford Zephyr MKII Convertible

A great bit of fun, the 1961 Ford Zephyr Convertible is ideal for the groom! Perfect with the roof up or down and plenty of space with 4 seats.

Hot Rodded Chevy Truck

Hot Rodded with a aged look paint job, the Chevy Truck makes an entrance to remember!

To arrange a FREE viewing of the cars, ring Harry or Molly Sunderland on 01603 891222 (Click on the address at the bottom of this page for a map and directions)